Welcome to Account-Delete.com

Account-Delete.com was created to help individuals seeking to erase both their digital footprints, but also to help them get rid of accounts who’s cancellation processes can be difficult to navigate. We aim to make it as easy to cancel your gym membership as it is to delete your facebook account.

Erase Your Digital Footprint

It’s so easy for websites to track your movement around the internet these days. From the moment you start up a brand new computer and connect to the internet, a profile is being built about you. When you log into websites from that computer, links between your different accounts start to form and the picture of who you are begins to become more clear to the internet companies that use these trackers. Get rid of these accounts to protect your privacy!

Save Your Money

How many subscriptions are you currently billed per month? If you answered more than 1 or 2, chances are you could cut some of those convenience-based services loose! Cancelling Netflix alone could save you up to over $170 annually. Imagine the savings if you cancelled all those extra accounts you’re barely using! It’s about as nice as finding enough change for a soda in the couch cushions!

More Accounts, More Problems

If you’re like me, you have hundreds of accounts across all sorts of internet sites. These accounts typically include public profiles of some sort, spam your email, or have other potentially negative side-effects like the possibility of website hacks or leaks that compromise your personal passwords and email addresses. Did you know that most sites comply with international laws that require them to delete your account and personal information entirely? We did!

Speak Your Voice, Hear From Others

Acccount-Delete.com provides you and others in your situation with a directory of businesses, subscriptions, products, and accounts along with guides on how to cancel your business with them and/or remove your personal information from their systems and records. We’ve found that our users love helping each other in the comments, and writing into us with tips or suggestions for sites or businesses to create guides for. Use the contact form above to get in touch with us if you need help, or check out the useful comments on our guides!