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In recent years, coding has become an increasingly in-demand skill. The rise of technology and the increasing digitization of industries have made coding an essential skill in the modern job market. As a result, many individuals are looking for ways to learn how to code, and online platforms have emerged as a popular choice for acquiring this skill. One such platform that has gained popularity in recent years is Codecademy. Codecademy is an online learning platform that offers courses in various programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, among others. The platform was founded in 2011 by Ryan Bubinski and Zach Sims and has since then grown to become one of the most popular online learning platforms for coding. Codecademy has over 100 million users worldwide, and its user base continues to grow. One of the reasons for Codecademy’s success is its user-friendly platform. The site’s interface is easy to navigate, and the courses are presented in a structured and organized manner. The platform provides a hands-on learning experience, where users are encouraged to code and work on projects to apply what they have learned. This approach makes the learning process more engaging and interactive, which helps users to retain the knowledge better. Codecademy offers both free and paid courses. The free courses are excellent for beginners who want to get a taste of coding and learn the basics before investing in paid courses. The paid courses are more advanced and provide users with a deeper understanding of the programming language they are studying. The courses are divided into modules, which are further divided into lessons. Each lesson includes a short video tutorial, followed by a coding exercise to test the user’s understanding of the topic. Codecademy’s courses cover a wide range of topics, from basic programming concepts to advanced data science and machine learning. The platform’s Python course, for example, covers topics such as syntax, data types, functions, control flow, and data structures. The SQL course covers database creation, querying, and management, among other topics. The HTML and CSS course covers web development fundamentals, including HTML tags, CSS selectors, and web design principles. The platform also offers courses in JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and many other programming languages. One of the unique features of Codecademy is its projects. Projects are coding exercises that challenge users to apply what they have learned in a practical setting. Projects are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, which helps users develop problem-solving skills and gain confidence in their abilities. The projects are also an excellent way for users to build their portfolios and showcase their skills to potential employers. Another great feature of Codecademy is its community. The platform has a vast community of learners who can interact with each other through forums and messaging. Users can ask questions, share tips and resources, and get help from more experienced learners. Codecademy also has a mentorship program that connects users with industry professionals who provide guidance and support throughout the learning process. Codecademy’s platform is not without its flaws, however. One common criticism of the platform is that it focuses too much on syntax and not enough on problem-solving. Some users feel that the platform does not provide enough guidance on how to approach complex problems or how to think critically about code. Additionally, some users feel that the platform’s courses are too easy and do not provide enough depth for advanced learners. Despite these criticisms, Codecademy remains an excellent platform for learning how to code. The platform’s user-friendly interface, hands-on learning experience, and diverse course offerings make it a great choice for beginners and advanced learners alike. The community aspect of Codecademy also sets it apart from other online learning platforms, as users can interact with each other and get help from industry professionals. Once you create a free account, Codecademy provides recommendations on where to begin. Simply take a brief assessment to identify your programming preferences. Additionally, you can explore the platform’s comprehensive course catalog. Codecademy’s YouTube channel contains over 150 video tutorials, but they may be more suitable for adult learners, as opposed to children with shorter attention spans. Codecademy’s paid Pro plan costs $39.99 per month (or $19.99 with an annual subscription) and offers additional courses, a customized learning plan, frequent quizzes, practical projects, unrestricted mobile code practice, and improved community resources. New subscribers can take advantage of a 7-day complimentary trial, while college students can join the Pro plan at a discounted rate. Codecademy Go, an Android and iOS application, is also available. For businesses, Codecademy can be tailored to meet their team’s specific needs (pricing details are provided upon contacting Codecademy). When it comes to learning how to code, the process can be tiresome for beginners, which is why it’s crucial to make it enjoyable. Codecademy has achieved this by providing an assortment of entertaining lessons, practical exercises, and incentives for progress. As everyone learns differently, Codecademy offers various methods to suit your learning style. Additionally, receiving assistance is effortless, a crucial factor. While a pro subscription is required to access Codecademy’s complete course catalog, fully paid coding courses like Treehouse, the Editors’ Choice, should also be considered if you’re serious about your education. Nonetheless, Codecademy’s interactive lessons are easy to comprehend and will keep you motivated, making it our Editor’s Choice for free online coding classes.


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Phone (Live Agent)

Follow these steps:

  1. Pick up your phone and call 203-249-1186
  2. Tell the rep you need to cancel
  3. Request that the agent emails you confirmation or gives you a verbal confirmation code
  4. Keep the proof given to you for your records

Web Form

Follow these steps:

  1. Goto the website
  2. So they can find your account, give the rep your information when asked for it
  3. Click on the link or button that says Submit


Follow these steps:

  1. Compose an email including your account information
  2. Tell the rep you need to cancel
  3. Request that the agent emails you confirmation or gives you a verbal confirmation code
  4. Send your email to [email protected]

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