About Us

They say whatever’s on the Internet, stays on the Internet. We beg to disagree.

Account Delete specializes in removing all traces of your digital footprint, from social media profiles to website accounts. Our aim is to make removing your online presence as fast and painless as cancelling a gym membership.

We include resources for canceling all types of accounts, from social networking websites to e-commerce memberships, subscription accounts, and more.

Since our inception, Account Delete has helped thousands of people erase their online accounts and minimize spam, unwanted notifications, and personally identifiable information on the web.

Meet the Team

Mark Blackwell

Mark is a consumer advocate who has been writing about data privacy even before the era of CPPA and GDPR. He also works as a data privacy consultant for SMEs.

Amy Browning

With a Master’s Degree in Data Engineering, Amy provides data privacy and cyber security consultation for companies in the West Coast.

Nazia Devi

Nazia has worked as a data protection officer and privacy analyst for several Forbes 500 firms, and now lends her expertise to the Account Delete team.