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About Munchery

Online recipes offer unlimited access to a wide array of culinary traditions and flavors. Whether you’re in search of traditional recipes from distant lands or modern fusion dishes, the internet provides an extensive variety of choices. From authentic Italian pasta recipes to exotic Thai curries, from vegan delights to indulgent desserts, the digital realm opens up a world of flavors, enabling you to expand your culinary horizons without leaving your kitchen. Online recipes have become a haven for individuals with specific dietary preferences or restrictions. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or other special diet, there are countless online resources tailored to your needs. These platforms offer a plethora of recipes that not only adhere to your dietary requirements but also ensure that taste and flavor are not compromised. The accessibility of specialized recipes has empowered individuals to explore their culinary talents while embracing their unique dietary choices. The internet has democratized culinary knowledge, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Online recipes not only provide step-by-step instructions but also act as a wellspring of inspiration, igniting creativity in the kitchen. Cooking blogs, YouTube channels, and social media platforms have transformed into virtual cooking schools, where novice and experienced cooks can learn new techniques, discover ingredients, and experiment with different flavors. Online recipes often include detailed photographs, videos, and personal anecdotes, enhancing the cooking experience and making it more engaging and immersive. An outstanding feature of online recipes is the interactive element they offer. Users can leave comments, reviews, and ratings, sharing their experiences and modifications. This feedback loop fosters a sense of community and collaboration among home cooks, allowing them to learn from each other’s experiments and adapt recipes to suit their personal tastes. With a wealth of user-generated content available, it is possible to find alternative ingredient suggestions, cooking tips, and creative variations that transform a recipe into a personalized masterpiece. While online recipes provide numerous benefits, it is essential to approach them with caution. Not all recipes are created equal, and it is crucial to verify the credibility and reliability of the source. Inaccurate measurements, poorly written instructions, or misleading information can lead to disappointing outcomes. Cross-referencing multiple sources, reading user reviews, and relying on reputable platforms can help ensure the quality of the recipes you choose to follow. Online recipes have revolutionized the culinary landscape, offering a wealth of opportunities to explore new flavors and expand our cooking skills. They serve as gateways to global cuisines, accommodating diverse dietary preferences, and inspiring creativity in the kitchen. By exercising discernment and exploring reputable sources, online recipes can become an invaluable tool for anyone embarking on a delicious culinary journey. So, embrace the digital world, enter the virtual kitchen, and let the flavors of online recipes tantalize your taste buds. Munchery Inc., an innovative online food ordering and meal delivery service, operated in select areas of San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City before its sudden closure on January 21, 2019. The company had garnered substantial attention and was valued at an impressive $300 million. While Munchery’s original service is no longer available, the website has since undergone a relaunch, now functioning as a platform dedicated solely to providing recipes to its visitors. What set Munchery apart was its collaboration with a diverse group of talented chefs who curated ever-changing menus for users. These skilled chefs not only crafted their own dishes but also took responsibility for sourcing high-quality ingredients. To ensure the utmost customer satisfaction, Munchery implemented a rating system where users could provide feedback on the meals they had ordered. Additionally, diners had the opportunity to post their reviews online and engage directly with the chefs through the platform’s messaging feature. When it came to placing orders, Munchery offered flexibility to its customers. Meals could be ordered until 6 p.m. on the same day or scheduled in advance for a few days ahead. To guarantee a seamless experience, Munchery employed a fleet of drivers who efficiently delivered the dinners within a chosen one-hour window, typically between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. The meals arrived chilled and required reheating before serving, ensuring that customers could enjoy a freshly prepared dining experience in the comfort of their own homes. Munchery was established in 2010, with its roots firmly planted in San Francisco, California. The company experienced significant growth and success, highlighted by its successful Series C funding round in 2015, which raised a substantial $85 million. Speculation circulated that Munchery’s valuation had reached an impressive $300 million, although an official spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied this figure. As part of its expansion efforts, Munchery introduced a corporate lunch delivery program in 2016, catering to businesses and organizations in need of convenient and delectable meals. The leadership of Munchery also underwent changes over time. James Beriker assumed the role of CEO, replacing co-founder Tri Tran. This transition aimed to bring new perspectives and strategies to drive the company’s growth and success. In a surprising turn of events, on October 2, 2020, Rolliyo, Inc., a Delaware corporation doing business as, sent an email to Munchery, Inc.’s email list, announcing the return of Munchery in a different capacity. The website had been reimagined as a recipe site, providing culinary enthusiasts with a treasure trove of recipes to explore and experiment with in their own kitchens. Despite its closure as a meal delivery service, Munchery left a lasting impact on the food industry by emphasizing the importance of convenient, high-quality, and chef-curated meals. The brand’s legacy lives on through its recipes, allowing people to continue enjoying the flavors and creativity Munchery had to offer.


Get together the following account information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Date of Last Charge
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Phone (Live Agent)

Follow these steps:

  1. Pick up your phone and call 888-458-5376
  2. Tell the rep you need to cancel
  3. So they can find your account, give the rep your information when asked for it
  4. Ask the representative if you will be charged again
  5. Request that the agent emails you confirmation or gives you a verbal confirmation code
  6. Keep the proof given to you for your records


Follow these steps:

  1. Compose an email and include your account information
  2. Tell the rep you need to cancel
  3. Request that the agent emails you confirmation or gives you a verbal confirmation code
  4. Send your email to [email protected]
  5. Do not consider your account cancelled until your receive an email response confirming your cancellation
  6. Keep the proof given to you for your records


Follow these steps:

  1. Goto the website
  2. Login with your email address and password
  3. Click on the link or button that says “My account” on the next page
  4. Click on the link or button that says “Account settings”
  5. Scroll down to locate “Services”
  6. Click on the link or button that says “Manage Membership” under “Services”
  7. Click on the link or button that says “Cancel Membership” on the next page


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