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The Kids Guides to Learn Our History are interesting and educational. A group of time-traveling history students who visit the past to witness US history in the making appears in their captivating animated historical videos. Young scholars join in on the adventure and get to see it all up close. Children gain knowledge of the most significant figures and significant occasions in American history along the road. Your kids’ pride and patriotism for the great country will be strengthened as they use their goods. To create a ground-breaking set of videos and Kids Guides that cover all of the significant events in American history, Learn Our History put together a top team of historians and educators from the United States. Each of their movies and Kids Guides is thoroughly studied and free of the prejudices that can be found in many currently used textbooks. Children are taught about American history from a positive, patriotic viewpoint in all of their products. Even though they are aware of America’s flaws, their products honor the contributions the country has made to the world as well as the freedom and chances it has offered throughout history. Children can learn about US history conveniently and enjoyably with Learn Our History as well. You have access to all Learn Our History video products through your account on the company’s website, so you can watch them whenever and wherever you want! Kids can use Learn Our History on the family PC, an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or any other internet-connected device with a web browser at home or while traveling. Their new Kids Guide series is excellent for kids who love to read! The Kids Guide to Our Nation Under God is a good place to start. Then, roughly once a month, you’ll get a fresh Kids Guide covering a fascinating and significant American history subject. A streaming link to the accompanying video lesson and digital workbook is also included with each Kids Guide. Spend just $1 to get your first Kids Guide. Then, for just $20.90, get a fresh Kids Guide about once per month. Children who enjoy reading will love their new Kids Guide Series! Start with “One Nation Under God,” one of their DVDs. Then, roughly once a month, you’ll get a new DVD that chronicles the exploits of some time-traveling history students as they discover some of their country’s most significant historical events. Additionally, each DVD includes a streaming link to the associated video instruction and digital workbook. Spend just $1 to get your first DVD, but not. A similarity to the real thing and the real to the real. The same to the real. and the real. for the real. for the similar to the real. For a single low monthly fee, their All-Access Streaming program offers you unlimited streaming access to their complete collection of honorable American history and educational videos as well as digital workbooks from any internet-connected device! You will get a free 7-day trial to their entire library of video lessons as part of this special deal. Then, admission is just $9.95 per month. Learn Our History is managed by eSpired. Their goal at eSpired is straightforward. To encourage children to value education, they try to make learning fun for them. Experience is the greatest teacher for children. They hope to give them the most experiential learning materials ever using this information. Their products offer kids in public, private, and home schools a new and enjoyable way to learn the topics they need to know. They work hard to provide families with fresh, exciting material each day to complete their children’s education. They still adhere to their initial objective, which was to offer educational content that is enjoyable and accessible at home, online, and elsewhere, after a decade of operation. eSpired is an award-winning online store where you can find the top textbooks, extracurricular activities, and other digital educational resources for kids. Many of our goods are unique, which means you can only find them here. Numerous other excellent educational goods are also available from carefully chosen and thoroughly screened partners. They extend an invitation to you to experience what makes our educational marketplace so unique along with over 1 million customers from over ten years in the company. In 2011, Learn Our History was established with the straightforward goal of making American history engaging for children. More than 500,000 families have already used Learn Our History, and intelligent kids all over the country have watched millions of video classes. Additionally, they have won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards three times, illustrating their enthusiasm for and dedication to high-quality education. For up to six kids, each subscription plan includes unlimited internet streaming and digital workbook access. They are parents who want to provide their children with the most entertaining way possible for them to learn our history, and they are looking forward to you joining our family as patriots who love America and want to share the fascinating tales of our country’s history with our children. Enjoy the journey!

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