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Although there isn’t a perfect VPN, there are some that are fairly close. Reviewers who have tested NordVPN agree that it is as close to being flawless as a VPN can be. Let’s go back and look at why. Panama, a nation that values privacy, is where NordVPN is from. The international surveillance alliance known as the 14 Eyes has no authority there, and there are no rules requiring the retention of data. This means that NordVPN can function freely to safeguard users’ online privacy without being hampered by the government. Additionally, NordVPN offers some of the finest security and privacy options that clients have ever experienced, including Double VPN and Onion over VPN. You can rely on these features if you want total anonymity. After all of that, NordVPN isn’t flawless. For example, it’s a little expensive, and those new to VPNs may find the multi-tiered pricing structure a little perplexing. In any event, it is the responsibility of reviewers to decide whether a VPN is worthwhile or not, and this review is solely focused on NordVPN. Through its servers, NordVPN can access a large audience. It has a total of over 5,500 unique servers spread across 59 nations and more than a hundred various locations. Finding a neighboring server won’t be difficult wherever you decide to use NordVPN, which is essential to getting the fastest speeds. Of the nearly 200 countries in the globe, 59 represent a very small portion. Despite having a global reach, NordVPN’s offices are in Panama. Panama is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes, so that is a huge plus for them. These are international partnerships for surveillance, for all you VPN newbies out there. Government agencies might compel a business to turn over information it collected about its customers, depending on where the VPN provider’s headquarters are. Governments may, for instance, request IP address records from VPN providers for use in criminal investigations. While we don’t support cybercriminals, the government’s ability to randomly access VPN user logs is a big red flag in reviewers’ books. And clients adore NordVPN because of this. Governmental organizations that can do that do not have the authority to do so. A flawless VPN does not exist. Because of this, NordVPN included a kill switch in each of its applications. When the VPN connection drops, whether due to a software issue or because you shut off the VPN before closing all of your Chrome tabs, this kill switch turns on. This is done to stop you from unintentionally browsing the internet on a public network. When reviewing software for an article on online privacy, the kill switch feature came in useful. Consumers used NordVPN because they didn’t want the government to know they were snooping around, but the service expired. Fortunately for us, the kill button went off. The ISP would have known what the clients were doing if they had kept browsing. If you’re concerned that NordVPN might slow down your web browsing, reviewers can reassure you based on actual user experiences that it won’t. It offers limitless VPN data and quick speeds. You can use NordVPN to access the internet as usual while maintaining more anonymity. You have complete freedom to explore, download, and stream. By connecting to a server in another nation, you can even change your Netflix region to watch programs that aren’t accessible on Netflix U.S. When you use a VPN, you are giving the VPN provider access to your info. Your internet traffic is encrypted by the VPN to protect it from prying eyes like your ISP and others who might be attempting to monitor your online activities. However, the VPN also can decrypt the very data it encrypted. VPNs can easily record your online activity and potentially make money from it if they so choose. Reviewers always look into how much information a VPN records, and they were happy with what they discovered about NordVPN. The first thing to note is that nothing you do while connected to a VPN is logged. The websites you viewed, the files you downloaded, and the content you streamed are all unknown to NordVPN. Additionally, it is unaware of your initial IP address. Although NordVPN did log some information, it had nothing to do with their online behaviors. For instance, it recorded communication and personal data required to keep the accounts in order, like email addresses. Additionally, the usual payment information was retained. Regarding the actual use of the VPN, NordVPN kept track of things like the timestamps of reviewers’ most recent sessions, the details customers gave when contacting customer support, and some specifics regarding the NordVPN app they were using (version, device ID, etc.). Customers were okay with NordVPN gathering those kinds of data because they help the company’s VPN service be better and because the data can’t be directly linked to them. In addition, NordVPN’s recording policy has undergone two audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland: once in 2018 and again in July 2020. VerSprite, a third-party consulting company, most recently conducted an independent assessment of NordVPN’s application security in June 2021 and found no significant vulnerabilities.


Get together the following account information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Date of Last Charge
  • Amount of Last Charge

Web Chat

Follow these steps:

  1. Goto the website
  2. Click on the link or button that says “Live Chat”
  3. So they can find your account, give the rep your information when asked for it
  4. Click on the link or button that says “Start Chatting”
  5. Tell the rep you need to cancel
  6. So they can find your account, give the rep your information when asked for it
  7. Keep the proof given to you for your records


Follow these steps:

  1. Compose an email and include your account information and a request to cancel
  2. Send your email to [email protected].
  3. Keep the proof given to you for your records


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