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ASKfm (Ask. fm until 14 January 2016) is a Latvian question and response network that debuted in June 2010 as a rival to Formspring. After registering, the user creates a profile and can ask questions (anonymously or openly), respond to comments on their profile, and make picture polls. Beginning in 2021, app users will be able to converse anonymously or openly in public chats, as well as tête-à-tête in private chats. As of November 2021, the platform had 300 million registered members. The website was established in Riga, Latvia, in 2010. Following its acquisition by IAC in 2014, its offices were relocated to Dublin, Ireland. (who also owns IAC sold it to Noosphere Ventures, a California-based asset management company, in 2016. The site was established in Latvia on 16 June 2010 as a competitor to Formspring by brothers Ilja (Ija) and Mark Terebin (Marks Terebins), Oskars Liepi, Valrijs Viakovs, and Klvs Sinka. By 2013, ASKfm had 65 million active users and was adding approximately 300,000 new users per day. The number of registered members had risen to 80 million by February 2015. Every day, over 30 million questions and responses are generated. IAC sold it in 2016 to Noosphere, a California-based asset management firm that also controls several online gambling sites and a cybersecurity firm. The following year, ASKfm underwent a significant rebranding, changing its logo and making several interface improvements. Users can also change the color of the interface and upload a background image. ASKfm had 215 million registered users in 2017 and remained the world’s largest Q&A network. It added three new features in 2017: Photo Polls, Shoutouts, and Discover. Photo polls enable readers to vote for one of two photos in the post. A shoutout is a question that is posed to a group of ASKfm users in one place. Discover is a separate feed for the country’s most interesting responses. (closed in 2021). In 2018, ASKfm launched its in-app currency, coins, as well as a Versus feed for picture polls. Users were also able to purchase coins within the program in 2019. In 2019, the team launched Leaderboards, a feature that displays the most active users on the platform, as well as Tipping, which allows users to reward their responses with coins. The goods market, a store where users can buy discounts and coupons for ASKfm coins, was announced in May 2019. It was also revealed that the platform’s verified user base had surpassed 300 million. The app introduced a VIP program in 2019 to reward the most active users. Members of the VIP program have access to exclusive app features such as secret answer creation and a personal progress bar that displays weekly data in the app. Private chats were introduced to these functions in 2021. By 2020, 147,500 people from more than 50 countries had entered the VIP program. The app’s VIP askers earned over 378 million coins thanks to a special incentive system, and the algorithms that pushed VIP profiles earned the users 2.4 million followers and 890,5 million likes. Furthermore, askers in Russia, Germany, and Italy were able to exchange their tokens for real money. They earned over $4000 in the first year alone by answering queries the same way they did before. Viewing profiles has needed registration since 2020. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, 1 million Latin American consumers returned to ASKfm. In March 2020, Twitter in Mexico was flooded with tweets from people who recalled their childhood social network and began massively installing ASKfm. In Mexico, the app achieved first place in the App Store in less than 24 hours and second place in Google Play in 36 hours in just one day. During this time, ASKfm got over 210,000 requests to restore old profiles, so the support service was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In 2020, an ASKfm subscription for the IOS software was released. (and in 2021 for Android users). A VIP badge, bonus coins, a secret response feature, and the ability to use the app without ads are all included in the subscription package. ASKfm introduced secret chats in May 2021, allowing users to converse face-to-face. The author of a private chat can stay anonymous throughout the conversation or write openly to the chat at any time. BBC News reported in 2014 that ISIS was using ASKfm for recruiting and guidance. According to an ASKfm spokesperson, the business does not tolerate calls to violence or criminal activity. The ISIS accounts were still operational a week after they were reported. In 2015, the company joined the European Commission’s Internet Forum to combat the spread of terrorist content, and it is currently implementing the joint industry hash database initiative to identify illegal terrorist content, as well as the UN Tech Against Terror initiative. In the annual Transparency report for 2021, ASKfm stated that they assisted in the prevention of 69 cases involving top-priority threats to law enforcement. Three of them were instances of extremism. CANCEL GUIDES

Get together the following account information:

  • Username
  • Password


Follow these steps:

  1. Goto the website
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Scroll down to locate Settings
  4. Click on the link or button that says Deactivate Account
  5. Keep the proof given to you for your records


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